Task 3: The way the movie showcased investigative journalism gave me some insight in how much work goes into big cases like these. Several weeks even months of work goes into creating one in-depth case. The movie showcases the challenges a investigative team meet when trying to unveil potential controversies like the case with the catholic church.


Task 6: The conflict of the movie is about an investigative team that are trying to get information about a priest that was sexually abusing a child. This research led them to find more priests in the catholic church that had sexual acts with children. When the team decides to print the story, they get phone calls from several people that tell their experiences with sexual abuse from priests.


The Reluctant Fundamentalist. Book and Movie comparison

Recently I have Read The Reluctant Fundamentalist and watched the movie adaptation of it. The book and movie play out quite differently and I wanted to express my thoughts on how each of them presented the story.


First thing I noticed the movie doing differently was how it handled the characters and the location. It gave the American an identity as a writer that came to interview Changez. The setting was also changed quite a bit. It still took place in a restaurant/café, but the circumstances for the discussion was different. Instead of Changez coming up to the American for conversation it was changed to a interview where Changez told his story in order to convince the agents from the US to not have him as a suspect.


The movie also made some drastic changes closer to the end. Instead of it ending with Changez escorting the American back to his room with some people the American suspected following them. It ended up with a riot outside the building and rescue team sent to rescue the American and one the people in the crowd getting shot by the American.


The movie followed the story of the book for the most part with some changes closer to the ending. But it doesn’t really have the character building of the book. Erica in the movie seemed to be just a love interest for Changez very different from the important role and development she had in the book.  The movie did some things right but dropped the ball a bit at the ending. Of the two I would prefer reading the book.

The reluctant Fundamentlist – Character

The reluctant fundamentalist does not have too many major characters. There is the main character Changez who is telling the story. The unnamed American at the cafe he is telling the story to. Erica who is the love interest in changez’s story and Jim who got Changez into his workplace.



Changez comes off as someone that really likes to talk at the start of the book. As he does start telling the stranger a story of his life and how he came to where he is and his experiences in America. At the same time, I think he is very controlling of the situation as he is very forward with what he says to the American which strikes me as him having a very dominant personality.


Erica is a writer and a love interest in the story. She also suffers from some mental issues that stemmed from the death of her old boyfriend Chris. In the start of the book she comes off as a happy and social person. But as the story goes on her mental issues catch up with her after 9/11 and start affecting her greatly.

The American

The American so far is just a stranger that Changez decided was going to be the listener to his story. He can be looked at as sort of self-insert for the reader to immerse themselves in the book.


Jim is more a minor main character rather than a true one. He is the man that got Changez his job and I think he serves as a sort of idol and motivator for Changez.

Journalism and Democracy

Democracy is an important part of global freedom and an important aspect of democracy is ones right to say what they want. This is very important among journalists because some of them do extensive research and reveal things some groups want to remain a secret. These groups may decide that a is journalist close to reveal their secrets and get rid of them.

This is what happened to Slovakian journalist Jan Kuciak. He was found with his fiancée in their apartment, both dead with visible bullet wounds. He was suspected to be killed by a branch of the Italian mafia called ‘Ndrangheta. They are suspected because he was working on a story about ties between the mafia and the Slovak prime minister. Soon after this was reported the Slovak prime minister resigned.

eat democracies are facing. People being silenced so they can’t say what they want to say.



Brick Lane

Brick Lane is a movie about a Bangladeshi family that moved to live in Brick Lane located in London. Brick Lane is also the center of the Bangladeshi community in London.
The movie showcases how life in this section of London is and portrays some of the problems that can be experienced in a multi-cultural society. In the movie it shows how it is with both sides. Some of the British people that do not want the people from Bangladesh in their home country are yelling at them to go home, calling them terrorists and damaging their property. On the Bangladesh side of the conflict they start hosting community meetings and debate how they are going to deal with increasing anti-muslim behavior.

The way the movie portrays the relationship between the locals and the Bangladesh shows the locals as extremely violent when it comes to their protests towards the Bangladesh living there, many reasons for this are plausible. They may just be afraid of the change it brings, or they may have genuine hatred towards the Muslim culture in Brick Lane as a whole. either way it shows of a very negative side of multi-culturalism.



Girl Rising (Movie)

Girl Rising is a movie that tell the stories of nine girls. They are Sokha, Wadley, Suma, Yasmin, Azmera, Ruksana, Senna, Mariama and Amina. They grew up dealing with different circumstances and with different hardships, but despite that many of them are doing well for themselves from what has been reported. although nothing has been heard from Amina for quite a while due to danger it could put her in.


The story that made the biggest impression on me would be Mariamas. She had a hard start but managed to pull through and get a job that allowed her to help others. it is very inspiring to see someone who once struggled at the start of their life being able to help and reach out to others who are struggling as well.


«One girl with courage is a revolution»

This is a phrase that can be heard throughout the girl rising campaign. What the phrase could imply is that a single girl that is brave enough to take a chance could spark inspiration in others and drive them to cause a change they wish for.


The girls of them story do not consider themselves victims. This may come as a surprise to some considering what some of them have been through. I believe they do not consider themselves victims is because all of them fought and worked hard for what they wanted. through their hard work they gained the strength to fulfil their dreams and not be pushed down by others.


For those that have not watched the movie and are unfamiliar with the situation some of these girls grew up with. They may experience a shock when they see the struggle many of the girls in these countries live with. we only saw the story of nine girls while there are several thousands of girls living in a similar instance and maybe even worse. When you think about just how many this affects it may baffle most people that have little to no knowledge about this situation.




The Importance Of Water

The importance of water mentions a lot about how important water is to young women and children in developing countries. The lack of clean drinking water in these countries affect women in several ways. An example of this is something as simple as women having to fetch water for their families. It does not sound so bad when phrased in a simple manner, but you must know that the closest clean water source may be 2-3 miles away from where they live and may take an hour or more to fetch some water.


This influences alot in these women’s lives. they have less free time to do as they like, and they have less time for school. They lose time to do these things because they must walk several trips a day to fetch enough clean water to last them maybe only one day.

Source on the text here if you want to read it 


Thirst is a story about a world where there is little water and how it affected the world. in this world water was the most precious resource. most countries created defenses to protect their water from invading countries and laws were introduced that slowly limited the peoples use of water more and more.


It was a bit intriguing to read it and think if a situation like this could occur in reality. In some less developed countries I could potentially imagine this happening, But not so much in most modern countries.