The Importance Of Water

The importance of water mentions a lot about how important water is to young women and children in developing countries. The lack of clean drinking water in these countries affect women in several ways. An example of this is something as simple as women having to fetch water for their families. It does not sound so bad when phrased in a simple manner, but you must know that the closest clean water source may be 2-3 miles away from where they live and may take an hour or more to fetch some water.


This influences alot in these women’s lives. they have less free time to do as they like, and they have less time for school. They lose time to do these things because they must walk several trips a day to fetch enough clean water to last them maybe only one day.

Source on the text here if you want to read it 


Thirst is a story about a world where there is little water and how it affected the world. in this world water was the most precious resource. most countries created defenses to protect their water from invading countries and laws were introduced that slowly limited the peoples use of water more and more.


It was a bit intriguing to read it and think if a situation like this could occur in reality. In some less developed countries I could potentially imagine this happening, But not so much in most modern countries.

The UN Sustainable Develoment Goals

For my first post I will be writing about the 17 Sustainable development goals the UN have chosen and which ones I consider most important. The one I consider to be the most important is about life below water. The reason I believe life below water is important is because how much our future may depend on the ocean as a resource. The ocean holds many resources like food and the alternative to produce plastic with seaweed.  I think a very important part about the ocean is plastic as it is always in demand around the world, and will present a better alternative than using oil for plastic.

When the oil eventually runs out the ocean will become one of the most important source for resources. That is why I believe it is important to take care of the ocean and what is in it because of how much value it will provide in the far future.